The Marshalltown 12” X 4” Finishing Trowel


$ 37.00 


Marshalltown makes the finest quality masonry tools on the market.  We are proud to carry a small selection of their products that are perfectly suited for sand sculpting and in particular, sand castles.   Masonry tools you say?   But of course! Masons used them to build castles with sand and mortar for eons! It’s why they are so adaptable for sand castles.  

Our best seller is this 12”X 4” Finishing Trowel.  It features a flexible steel surface and a soft rubber grip handle.  This tool is used for many things but most especially at the end of a sculpture when what we call ‘ground-work’ needs to be done.   The ability to smooth large areas would be impossible without one.  It’s THE tool used to make slate-like rock formations and can be used to cut clean straight lines with ease. 

There is not a professional sand sculptor in the world who doesn’t have one of these in their tool kit!

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