Sandman Matt in the News

Jumbo sand castle comes to Downtown Manhattan
In conjunction with Water Street Pops, an event series happening downtown this summer, sculptor Matt Long creates a 16-foot-high sand castle.

Photos/video: Staten Island sand sculptor building castle in Lower Manhattan

It may never be home to the future king and it certainly won't stand for centuries, but the castle taking shape in Lower Manhattan has been getting the royal treatment.

Sand Castles Are Invading Some of NYC's Busiest Areas

If you live in New York and have visited downtown Manhattan's Financial District, you may have noticed something out of the ordinary. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of business fat cats sits a sand castle. You can thank NYC-based sandsculptor Matt Long for the small slice of beach.

Look at This! Matt Jones’s Sand Castle on Water Street

We don’t cover a lot of sand-castle art here at The Observer, but just take a look at that sand castle. That is one big, beautiful sand castle.

Staten Islander builds 17-foot-high sand castle in lower Manhattan
Matt Long took 55 tons of sand and turned it into a high-rise masterpiece with towers, walls, arches, stairs and a waterfall. The artwork will be taken down on Aug. 12.

Huge sand castle being built in Lower Manhattan
It's safe to say sand castles in Manhattan are a rare sight, but there's one being added to the New York City skyline. The sand castle is massive and is being built from 70 tons of sand.

STTS Sand Sculptor featured on CNN's Road Warriors "Man On The Road"

Our friend and Sand Castle Sculptor Matt Long was featured on CNN's Road Warriors on HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade. Matt was an essential part of the STTS campaign this summer by helping to bring joy and smiles to families up and down the New Jersey shoreline. From Asbury Park to Cape May Matt's sculptures were a hit.


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