Sand Tools Tips

If you don’t see what you want to know in the tips below, feel free to e-mail Sandman Matt directly with any questions about the Sand Tools you might have!

Some Tips About Can You Dig It Sand Tools!

Can You Dig it Sand Tools are a complete set of sand sculpting tools. They are all that are used to create everything you see on this website and more! Remember that all surfaces of the tool heads are used. In this way, there are limitless combinations to get desired effects. Hold the tools gently and for basic use, keep the tool head at an angle to the work surface as shown in the diagram below. Remember to go gentle, remove a little sand at a time and start with a proper pile wet and patted tight.

We have a few basic suggestions for each tool, but remember that as you get familiar with using Can You Dig It Sand Tools you will see that though we can make suggestions, there are no rules for how each tool is used. Experiment! You will find each tool is very versatile

The Sand Wedge Hoe: This is the workhorse of the kit. Its primary use is for the removal of large amounts of sand at a time when clearing the areas where we are about to work. It is also great for creating larger flat surfaces and perfect for larger staircases on the outside of a castle when you are at the ‘sandscaping’ part toward the end of a castle.


The Sand Wedge Hoe shapes outer stairs on a castle; Press and Pull!

The Large Detail Shaper is the largest of the shaper series. This tool is great for many details. It works well for the turrets, and tower walls and like its smaller versions, can shape most of the essential details of a castle. It is great for cutting winding stairs and larger details. Like all the shapers, it reaches into hard to get at places and works just as well as a shovel or scoop that can lift sand out of walkways and crevices.

Our Large Detail Shaper cuts the outside winding stairs on a tower

The Medium Detail Shaper: This is for details that are too small for the Large Detail Shaper and too large for the Small Detail Shaper! The tip of the mama shaper is very strong and the underside of the tool head can cut a very clean line on the inside of doorways and passages.
The Mama Shaper can also reach in and clear sand. Here it is used to clean out a window opening. When you have scooped all the loose sand you can and there is still a bit left: tap the remaining residue back into the pile with whatever tool you are using or use the Manually Powered Pnuematic Sand Blaster and blast it! This is also a nice example of how the bottom edge of the tool head can be used to make a clean line on an inside cut.
The Small Detail Finishing Shaper is the tool you will use most often. The offset angle of the tool head is perfect for getting in and out of small places. It does the simple details but is ready for you as you develop skills and your castles get more involved.

This photo demonstrates how to hold the Baby Shaper for the iconic block texture found in all sand castles

The Bull Nosed Scraper: While the shaper tools are best suited for linear or straight-line details, the bull nosed scraper creates the soft forms or, concave and rounded shapes. I like it for turrets and undercutting many details. It becomes indispensable when you begin to create sea creatures and animal figures.
The “C” Shell Scoop is a perfect digging tool. It will dig a one inch wide hole as long as its handle will go without damaging the surrounding area. It is perfect for door and passageways and removing sand from all openings. It will make a nice arch top door in just a few simple passes and never clogs during use.

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