Sand Sculpting Links

Some people we know and as such are so very proud to offer their links on our website. All worthy of your surfing time! Enjoy!

The Parents’ Choice Foundation! Don’t believe us about Can You Dig It Sand Tools. See what the top authority in the toy industry has to say about them! (But they ain’t just toys!)
The American Littoral Society Litterally speaking, these are some great folks really looking after the coastline!
The Queen of Sand! Ms. Sandy Feet. To whom the entire sand sculpting community owes a debt of gratitude!
The 'Sandguy' Mr. Kirk Rademaker;Where getting sand in the machinery is a good thing!!!
Some Cool Shade Shadetree Studios is the home of Damon Farmer: some very cool shade indeed!
The Sandqube! Ms. Karen Frailich! A favortite sand sculptor of mine…and most everyone else too!
The Sultans of Sand! Mr. Richard Varano sets the bar for sandcastles everywhere!
A Very Dynamic Duo! This link will take you to the amazing work of Ms. Meridith Corson & Dan’l Doubleday
Castleture! Here is a site with all the terms for castle architecture defined. If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about when someone asks you, “What’s that” Get the right terms, right here.
Help Save Our Oceans! is the organization for protecting our oceans and shores. If you love the ocean, click in and see what they’re up to.
Under The Sea! In Ocala, Florida there’s a neat dive shop in case you need to get off the beach for a bit. If you need to get off the beach, it may s well be in the water.
Sand Sculpt! Andy Gertler in Long Island has some cool stuff on his site, Sand Sculpt USA. Check it out. Being the entire New York contingent of sand sculptors, we get to work together regularly:

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