New Tools!

I designed Can You Dig It Sand Tools in wood when I discovered sand sculpting sometime in the 1990’s.  After meeting a professional sand sculptor and discovering that one could not only earn a living carving sand but travel to exotic (and lots of not-so-exotic) places, I was hooked.  Over the years I have carved sand with many of the most talented sand sculptors in the world. 

While I can’t live without my Can You Dig It Sand Tools and find it virtually impossible to create a sand castle without them, these days I do use many other tools to create my sculptures. 

 On the following pages I have assembled for purchase some of my favorite can’t-live-without-em’ tools that are always in my tool bag.  These are the tools (beyond Can You Dig It Sand Tools) that I would want with me were I to be stranded on a desert island!

 They are sharp!  Not like a knife, but far sharper than Can You Dig It tools. And they are effective.   If you want to elevate your game in the sand and head for the next level, you will want to add these items to your beach bag.  They are found in the tool kits of every professional sand sculptor everywhere!  Enjoy!

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