Q) Will I actually be able to make a castles like the pro’s – with Can You Dig It Sand Tools?

A) If I send you a baseball bat will you hit the ball like Mickey Mantle? Nooo Way! But you’ll have the right tools and you’ll have tons of fun trying! And like baseball, you can’t be in the game without em..

Have a look at my own pre Can You Dig It Sand Tools Days by clicking here!

Q) Can my child get hurt using these things?

A) It seems kids can hurt themselves with most anything, and even though the tools have passed all safety testing down to age four, we recommend care in handling as with all toys. Safety test results are available by sending an e-mail request. Ages four and under requires adult supervision.

Q) Are Can You Dig It Sand Tools durable?

A) Yes! They’re made with ABS Plastic, the same plastic they use for telephones.  This is why they should never be confused with common ‘throw-away-single-season’ beach toys.

Q) If I hate ‘em, can I return ‘em?

A) Well…this is rather unthinkable, but unwanted tools can be returned for a full refund less shipping and handling. Defective unused tools will be replaced at no cost.  (I’m proud to say that this is a term of sale we have never had to act upon!)

Q) Does sand come with the kit?

A) If you need, we can send you a pocketful to get you started! Send us your pocket size!

Q) What is the ship time?

A) Our shipping department is open Monday Through Friday and most orders ship the very same day and take two to five business days to arrive anywhere in the continental US. Our default shipping choice is FedEx.

Q) Is the sand you used in the homepage castle “special sand”?

A) No!  We sand sculptors like to think sand is sand.  It’s all different, but we make it special!  Won’t you join us!

Q) Does all beach sand work the same?

A) No. Finer sand is generally better, but all sand is good for castles and works well to one extent or another.

Q) Where can I find out more about sand sculpting and sand sculpting contests?

A) Follow the yellow brick links!  (on our links page!)

Q) Can I buy the sand tools at retail stores?

A) A few extremely smart retailers carry the tools, but our focus has always been online and catalog sales.  Send us an e-mail and we’ll see if we have a retailer in your area.

Q) How many tools come in the kit?

A) There are 6 tools in the set.

Q) Are they plastic or metal?

A) ABS Plastic, Same as telephones! See above

Q) What is the target age? How old a child are they made for?

A) Our target ages are 7 and 77 and all ages in between!  After extensive market research we have found that these are the best ages to get the best results using the tools.  “Fun For The Whole Family!” and we haven’t met a dad yet that doesn’t like them as much as the kids.  (Most folks think it’s a good idea to get dad his own set!  To keep the peace!)

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